Corporate Social Responsibility

" Through our people products and passion Aries continually demonstrates that we are a responsible corporate citizen working hard to retain the delicate balance of nature and the development of communities where we work and grow "

Environment Sensitive Products

Aries has introduced for the first time in India, a range of 4 biodegradable chelates which ensure residue free crops within 15 days from application. We have also introduced 5 zero chemical products which are natural amino acid based chelates, which use soya protein as a natural chelating agent. These initiatives have been extremely well received by the farming community. With our range of single dose, dissolvable sachets we have moved beyond environmentally sensitive products, to include eco-friendly packaging for key brands. Empowering The Society With Superior Knowledge

We have impacted the lives of millions of farmers, rural children and youth by exposing them to best practices in crop nutrition management using study tours, workshops and also connecting them with Agricultural Universities and Research Stations. The Company is also engaged in best practices sharing with students from 10 Rural Schools in order to prepare future farmers.


Aries has been constantly supporting initiatives including Dignity Foundation, Mumbai, which offers community services, life enrichment, knowledge sharing, shelter and advocacy for elderly persons and Srishti Foundation, Andhra Pradesh, which feeds nutritious meals to thousands of elderly persons and children in the Kakinada District of Andhra Pradesh.

Soil Testing Services

Through our analytics labs and mobile soil testing units we make the farmer aware of soil health and the specific nutrient needs of their farms.

Providing Advisory Services

Farmers were also provided with commodity prices, crop advisories and weather alerts throughout the year using mobile phone text messages. Aries has partnered with the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) to provide deferred live commodity prices over the Internet and also to participate in the MCX Grameen Suvidha Kendra (GSK) project.