Farmers Insurance Scheme

Capital Sum Insured – INR 50,000/-
Benefits Accidental Death + Permanent Total Disability

Conditions :
1.Resident of India only
2.Eligibility – Age 18 to 70 years (age at the time of entry, can be renewed up to the age of 75 years)
3.Aries Agro customers buying specific plant nutrition product
4.List of customers covered to be provided by Aries Agro (validated by Aadhar number)

Standard Exclusions
1.Due to intentional self -injury ,suicide or attempted suicide
2.Whilist under the influence of liquor or drugs or other intoxicants
3.Whilist engaging in adventure activities
4.Directly or indirectly ,caused by venereal disease ,AIDS or instantly
5.Due to insured/insured person committing any breach of law or participating in actual or attempted felony, riot, crime or civil commotion
6.Whilist engaging in racing, hunting , mountaineering ,ice hockey, winter sports
7.Out War and war like operations as well as nuclear perils