Product features

  • Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for plant growth.
  • It is classified as a macronutrient because plants take up large quantities of potash during their life cycle.
  • Potassium is associated with the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue.
Contents:Potassium content as K2O = 46.5% w/v.

Pack Size: 500 - 1 ltr


Ari Potash enhance starch & protein content of produce and increases crop yields.
Ari Potash improves quality of produce.
Ari Potash helps to improve plants immunity to weather changes, pests, diseases, and nematodes.
Ari Potash increases root growth and improves drought resistance.
In Photosynthesis, it regulates the opening and closing of stomata, and therefore regulates CO2 uptake.
It maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting.
Potassium in Ari Potash activates enzymes which is essential for production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an important energy source for many chemical processes taking place in plant.
It aids roses and other flowering plants by encouraging strong stems and well-developed flowers.
Ari Potash enhances translocation of sugars and starch.
Helps in cellulose building and thus reduces crop lodging.

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