We have a pleasure in announcing ‘Aries 2024-25 Online booking scheme’ for all Annual bookings for the Financial Year 2024- 25 made using the Aries Agro’s “ARIES EVERYWHERE” mobile app with effect from 1st April 2024

Scheme options:

Option 1Submit booking form on the Aries 2024-25  Online booking scheme app along with payment instrument & token amount from 1st April to 19th April 2024
Option 2Submit booking form on the Aries 2024-25  Online booking scheme app along with              payment instrument & token amount between 20th April to 15th May 2024 (both dates included)
Option 3Submit booking form on the online Aries 2024-25  Online booking scheme app & token amount between 16th May to 31st May 2024 (both dates included)


Summary of benefits under payment options:

Option as per booking formConstant billing rate* as per  Q1 price list for FY 2024-25 (GST & other levies as applicable on the date of dispatch)Interest on advance payment inclusive of token amount (Number of days calculated from the date of payment instrument realization till date of  adjustment)
Option 1YES2% p.m. for max 90 days
Option 2YES2% p.m. for max 75 days
Option 3YES1.75% p.m. for max 60 days



1) Fixed rate is applicable for Category A products billed as per the regular pricelist only.

2) Fixed rate for Category A will be applicable for the booked quantity only. However, in case of rate decrease, the same will be extended to the dealers.


Additional Lifting benefits on products included in the booking form:

Aries Online booking scheme Booking & lifting discount(In      addition to routine schemes as applicable – will be credited in the      form of equivalent               Khazaana points @ Re.1 = 1 point)Additional Discount
(for category A & B only)
 Conversion above 90% (of booked Quantity in line with booked items)2%*
 Conversion between 75%- 90% (of booked Quantity in line with booked   items)1.25%**


*Subject to 90% conversion value of (products lifted being in line with quantities & product names mentioned on the booking form).

**Subject to conversion value between 75%- 90% of (products lifted being in line with quantities & product names mentioned on the booking form).

Terms and conditions:

  • The date of submission of booking form, payment instrument & token amount (all three are essential) will decide the option eligible for the Aries 2024-25 Online booking scheme
  • Rate of interest on advance payment will be based on the date on which the advance is realized. I.e. if advance is received in March, rate of interest as announced for March shall be applicable for the period until 31st March 2024. Thereafter, for the balance no. of days pending for interest, the interest rate as above will be applicable.
  • Credit balance as on 1st April 2024 (towards payments, not against schemes) will be eligible for constant billing rate (apart from exceptions as specified above) and booking
  • Any unadjusted credit balance (towards payments) may be considered as token amount towards this booking scheme.
  • Taxes and levies cannot be constant. Hence the company commits to holding only ‘billing rate constant’ as per Q1 price list until the quantity mentioned in the booking form is lifted or 31st March 2025 whichever (Refer Note 2 from table:- Summary of benefits under payment options)
  • For Category C products, you may book the quantity to assure However, the rates will be applicable as per the dates of dispatch. No lifting scheme applicable on Category C products. (Refer Note 1 from table:- Summary of benefits under payment options)
  • The rates will be constant until the value of the payment instrument submitted on the booking date is exhausted. After this, the rate as per the applicable price list on the date of dispatch will be
  • In case of change of price list, rate difference credit note will be issued in the end of the financial year or at the completion of the booked Lifting beyond quantity booked will not stand eligible.
  • For parties to participate, overdue (above 60 days Outstanding) must be NIL as on 31st March In case bills are not yet due, a due date PDC must be submitted for previous bills before participating in the Online booking scheme.
  • If any PDCs given against old payments during the scheme is not realized, the scheme benefits will not be given to such
  • If the party has paid advance under this offer under any of the options, the same will be adjusted towards payment of their bill on the respective due In case fresh payment is made specifically to settle the invoice on or before the due date, the interest bearing advance shall continue. However in case a bill becomes overdue, the interest bearing advance shall be adjusted immediately.
  • The booking benefits & lifting benefits (i.e based on conversion) are valid only on Category A & B.
  • For each category of customer there is a specific token advance amount payable at the time of submitting the booking
  • Approximate booking value is for reference purpose only, actual calculation will be done by the concerned depots.