Product features

  • A natural and unique product in the form of diatomaceous earth.
  • Easily soluble and plant available silica
  • Pale yellow in colour
  • Increases soil porosity and stimulates nutrient absorption

  • Arisil Powder: Active silicon (SiO2) = 82-84%, K as K2O = 0.15-0.20%, Ca as CaO = 2-4%, P as P2O5 = 1%
  • Arisil Liquid: Clear viscous liquid; Active silicon = 20-22% K as K2O = 8-8.5%
Pack Size: 25kg/ 1ltr


Arisil is rich source of plant available silicon and organic in nature.Reduces use of conventional fertilizers by 25-30 %.
Increases plant resistance and protects plants against pests and diseases & salt intoxication. Improves plant growth, flowering and fruiting thereby increases yield & quality of crop.
It has high water holding capacity gives draught resistance to plant & reduces irrigation need. Arisil unlocks phosphates and makes available to plants.
Increases soil porosity, CEC & stimulates nutrient absorption.

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