Trishool Neem Oil (1% Azadirachtin)

Product features

  • 100% natural vegetable oil and organic product
  • It is yellow to brown colour
  • It has a bitter taste and a garlic/sulfur smell.

  • 1% Azadirachtin – 10,000 ppm.
Pack Size: 100ml/ 500ml

Application: Trishool neem oil can be sprayed @ 2 – 3 ml per lit of water.


It is organic, biodegradable & good pests repellent.
It is a great fungicide & bactericide.
It is a powerful organic solution to most difficult-to-manage infestations.
It can be used to control insects at all stages of development and insects don’t become resistant to neem oil
It is effective at controlling nematodes.
Beneficial earthworms won’t be harmed.
It can be used as a dormant-season application or a foliar spray.
Lawn grubs can be controlled with Trishool neem oil.
It is safe to use around pets and wildlife and is practically non-toxic to birds, mammals, bees and plants.
It is slightly toxic to fish and other aquatic organism