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Dr. T. B. Mirchandani

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Mrs. Bala Mirchandani

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  • Way back in 1969, a couple of very dynamic and ambitious people, and Dr. T. B. Mirchandani Mrs. Bala Mirchandani , decided to prove to oneself and the world that what they could achieve as employees of large multinational companies is much less than what they could do for themselves. Dr. TBM was handling the Animal Health division of Boots Pharmaceuticals Ltd., while Mrs. BM was handling the marketing department of Vick Products Inc. The company that had launched the now famous Vicks Vaporub in India. Both realized that the area of Animal feed additives was wide open, then, for a dedicated company wedded to the concept of “quality over all else” . This area was serviced by a small handful of multinationals who wielded a virtual monopoly.

  • Both, the technical expertise and the marketing savvy existed with these two daring individuals and their determination culminated in the birth of Aries. Aries was started as a small company with a tiny office and a small factory at Andheri, Mumbai.

  • The small size that most onlookers viewed as a handicap was turned into Aries’ biggest strength by this industrious couple. The size permitted hands-on supervision of almost all aspects of the running of an infantile company. This resulted in closer interaction with all the people involved and generated a very strong sense of loyalty and belonging among the employees.
  • Aries started life with a small range of Mineral Feed additives for animals & birds
  • There was considerable encouragement from associates in the industry and also from the industry press. The effort of the Mirchandanis was lauded and initial trials resulted in an almost immediate acceptance of Aries’ products.
  • Having got a foothold in the marketplace, Aries grew from strength to strength, launching one or more products every year. Soon Aries was considered a brand leader in the field of Mineral nutrition and boasted a range of products including mineral premixes, milk boosters, protein concentrates, vitamin premixes, anti-coccidial and anti-bacterial feed additives.
  • Around the mid-seventies, Aries’ management perceived a plateauing of the feed additives market and rightly decided to look into avenues for diversification
  • Taking into consideration that, in India, the animal and agricultural farmer are one and the same individual, it made good marketing sense to look at the agricultural products arena for further growth. Having in-house expertise in Mineral Nutrition, Aries decided to concentrate on Mineral Nutrition in Agriculture. Surveys indicated that while Macro fertilization was practiced widely, Microfertilizers were an almost unknown commodity with the farmers. The little microfertilization being done was with inorganic compounds that were well known to be low in efficiency.
  • Aries researched into world literature and data for compounds that could deliver mineral nutrients to plants more efficiently and zeroed in “Metal Chelates”
  • It then became necessary to adapt processes and manufacturing data to locally available ingredients and expertise. R&D solved the problem soon and Aries branched out into Agrochemicals with the introduction of Chelated Micronutrients. A lot of hard work and efforts saw Aries Chelated Micronutrients become brand leaders in the area of Micronutrients, all over the country.
  • Simultaneous Research by Aries’ scientists, based on feedback from the field, resulted in the introduction of Crop specific formulas of Chelates for individual crops. Based on market feedback, Aries developed and launched individual Metal Chelates like Zinc Chelates, Iron Chelates and so on.

  • In-house R&D also saw the introduction of Bactericides for Agriculture — the first of its kind to be licensed for Agricultural use by the Govt. of India. Alongside came the introduction of Plant hormones.

  • In-house R&D also saw the introduction of Bactericides for Agriculture — the first of its kind to be licensed for Agricultural use by the Govt. of India. Alongside came the introduction of Plant hormones.

  • The consistent stress on quality has paid off in that Aries’ products enjoy a very high level of customer confidence all over the country.

  • Today, Arieshas manufacturing facilities and offices at 17 locations all over the country and employee strength of 748 people.

  • Aries is accepted for the high quality of its products, both Agricultural and Veterinary, and enjoys a tremendous amount of Goodwill with dealers and consumers.

  • Aries is accepted as Brand leaders in the areas it operates in — Nutritional products for Plant and Animal Health.

  • Aries has a very wide Distribution network country-wide – comparable to some of the best companies anywhere in the world. The total number of registered dealers runs into the thousands.
  • On 30th Dec. 1994, Aries was formally converted into a Public Company.

  • In 2001, Aries expanded its product line to include Secondary Nutrients – Sulphur , Magnesium and Calcium.

  • In 2002, Aries continued expanding its plant nutrition product line to include value-added, water soluble complexes of N, P and K

  • Aries today has tied up several exclusive Marketing arrangements with manufacturers of quality plant nutritional products all over the world. All products sourced from abroad are formulated with specific inputs from Aries’ market intelligence and technical support from our technical support teams. The R&D efforts of our International partners have therefore taken into account the unique agro-climatic requirements of India. This ensures that all the products that Aries imports from Europe, Turkey, Singapore, USA and South America are all tailor-made to suit Indian conditions. “Made For India” is indeed, the Aries mantra.
  • Since the turn of the millennium, Aries has positioned itself as INDIA’S PLANT NUTRIENTS SUPERBAZAAR. We have emerged as India’s most respected supplier of quality plant nutrition solutions, having a comprehensive range of Primary, Secondary & Micronutrients all available under the ARIES umbrella.