Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: The leaves of a nitrogen deficient show an overall yellow or light green colour.
Affect: Older leaves are more effected than the newr growth because nitrogen is mobile within the plant and will move from the older foliage to younger leaves.

Product: Macrofert 20:20:20 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

Phosphorous deficiency

Symptoms: Appearance of light pink colour on the older leaves.
Affect: The first symptom of phosphorous deficiency leads to overall stunting of the leaves and shoot development is poor.

Product:Fertimax 12:61:00 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Root development, winter hardness

Potassium deficiency

Symptoms: The first symptom of potassium deficiency is burning of leaf margins.
Affect: Potassium deficiency may contribute to the production of blind shoots(new stems with no flowers).

Product:Fertimax 00:00:50 5gm/lit
Benefit: Resistance to pests and diseases,opening and closing of stomata

Calcium deficiency

Symptoms: Calcium deficiency causing the tip to shorten,petal formation is reduced.
Affect: Young leaves are distorted,older foliage become dull green and make curl down at the margins.

Product: Aquacal-2-3 ml/lit, Calpro-2-3gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Cell formation,cell elongation,cell division

Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Deficiency can cause stunting and yellowing between the veins on foliage.
Affect: Prominent bright yellow colour in advanced necrotic areas.

Product: Magmix 4-5gm/lit, zinc mag 3-5ml/lit
Soil/Drip:Ferromag 5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in photosynthesis,starch translocation

Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf show general overall chlorosis while still retaining some green colour.
Affect: The veins and petioles are very distinct reddish colour,tends to become more errect and often twisted and brittle.

Product:Primasulf 3-4ml/lit
Soil/Drip: Sulfonite 5-10kg/acre
Benefit:Improves special character in crop

Boron deficiency

Symptoms: Newly emerging leaves found to be malformed with incomplete laminar development.
Affect: Severe interveinal chlorosis and incomplete leaf formation,Root and flower formation are inhibited.

Product: Boron 20 0.5-1gm/lit, Horticab-1-2ml/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Translocation of sugars and help in pollination

Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: This symptom shows early stages of younger leaves and the leaf lamina get reduced.
Affect: Under severe deficiency flower setting is less.

Product: Chelamin foliar spray 1-2 gm/litr, Agromin max-2-3gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Helps in activation of enzymes

Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Appearance of pale yellow colour on the leaves.
Affect: Symptoms starts on younger leaves.

Product:Chelafer1-2gm/lit, Agrofer-1-2gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis

Manganese deficiency

Symptoms: Yellowing of younger leaves and veins remain green in colour.
Affect: plant growth may be reduced and stunted.

Product:Mn-chel- 1-2 ml/lit of water or mobomin 1 gm/lit of water
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Helps in nitrogen metabolism and involves in photosynthetic activity