Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Pale or yellow green leaves (chlorosis) symptoms appear first in the older leaves. drying of older leaves takes place.
Affect: drying proceeds from edge of to middle of leaf.

Product: Macrofert 20:20:20 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Plantex 20:20:20 5kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

Phosphorous deficiency

Symptoms: At bottom of leaf turn into purple colour.
Affect: growth retards.

Product:Fertimax 12:61:00 5gm/lit, Fertimax 00:52:34( 5-10gm/lit)
Soil/Drip: Plantex 12:61:00 5kg/acre
Benefit: Root development, winter hardness

Potassium deficiency

Symptoms: Edges of leaf will fold upwards or downwards or both.
Affect: Edges of leaf become white and dry.

Product:Fertimax 00:00:50 5gm/lit, Fertimax13:00:45( 5-10gm/lit), Fertisol 3-5gm/lit
Benefit: Resistance to pests and diseases,opening and closing of stomata

Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf turn into red colour. Veins turn into yellow colour. after wards the entire leaf turns into yellow colour.
Affect: growth will cease .

Product:Magmix 4-5gm/lit, zinc mag 3-5ml/lit, Fertisol 3-5gm/lit
Soil/Drip:Ferromag 5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in photosynthesis,starch translocation

Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: Growth retards. leaves become white and turn into yellow colour.
Affect: At last the leaf loses its colour.

Product:Primasulf 3-4ml/lit, fertisol 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Improves special character in crop

Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: In between veins they turn into light yellow colour.
Affect: Leaves become thick and bushy appearance.

Product:Chelamin plus1-2gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Chelamin gold 0.5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in activation of enzymes

Iron deficiency

Symptoms: The whole leaf turns into white colour.
Affect: When cooking of rhizomes takes place rhizomes will become small and reduces the quality.

Product:Chelafer1-2gm/lit, Agrofer-1-2gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Ferromag 5kg/acre, Ferromix-5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis

Manganese deficiency

Symptoms: Deficiency can be seen on younger leaves.in between veins they turn into yellow or white colour.
Affect: Leaves become narrow.

Product:Mn-chel- 1-2 ml/lit of water or mobomin 1 gm/lit of water
Soil/Drip: Agromin soilplus-10-15kgs/acre
Benefit:It involves wide range of enzymes process inlude hormone synthesis