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Unpaid/Unclaimed dividends

Behtar Fasal, Behtar Kal

Guidance as to how to claim Unpaid/Unclaimed Dividend

Procedure for Claim of Unpaid Dividend from IE&PF

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend Status as on the AGM dated 29.09.2023

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2021-22

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2020-21

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-Interim-2019-20

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2018-19

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2017-18

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2016-17

Un-Paid/Un-Claimed Dividend-2015-16