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Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers

Water soluble fertilisers is a category of fertilisers meant for fertigation or nutrition of high value field crops and horticultural crops. These fertilisers have varying ratio of primary, secondary and micro nutrients with low salt index and are compatible with other agrochemicals.

As the name suggests, water soluble fertilizers (WSFs) dissolve completely in water. Nutrients delivered through WSFs are more efficiently absorbed by the plant as compared to those supplied through traditional fertilizers. With WSFs, it is easy to make available to the plant precise controlled amount of nutrient in a given time period. Water soluble fertilizers can be dissolved in water and added or leached out of the soil easily. 

WSFs are extremely convenient to use as they are available pre- mixed with salts and can be simply sprayed on plants. Being water soluble, these NPK fertilizers are the ideal solution for feeding the necessary amounts of micro and macro nutrients to growing crops. They are used for both, fertigation as well as foliar application. Improvement in the fertiliser use efficiency through the use of water soluble fertilisers in fertigation contributes significantly to the increase in crop yield.