agromin max

Product Features

  • Finely blended with high concentration of mineral elements in Granular form
  • Agromin Max increases the crop yield by correcting micronutrient deficiencies and ensuring better nutrient balance. It addresses the unique nutritional requirements of horticultural crops, spices, plantation crops, oilseeds and pulses. The product, at lower doses can also be used on cereals

  • Zinc as Zn = 10%
  • Iron as Fe = 5%
  • Manganese as Mn = 2.5%
  • Copper as Cu = 1.2%
  • Boron as B = 2%
  • Calcium as Ca = 3%
  • Magnesium as Mg = 1.2%
  • Sulphur as S = 12%
Pack Size: 1 kg/ 2 kg/ 5kg


Chelamin Promotes growth of healthy green Leaves.
Chelamin reduces withering in patches. It stops the formation of abnormally small leaves.
Chelamin is proven to substantially increase yield. It also reduces the intensity of chlorosis, flower and fruit drop.
Chelamin also helps in the growth of shoots and the formation of grains and fruits.

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