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  • 1st View – Running Video of Drone Spraying on crops
  • 2nd View – About Drone features view via swiping
  • Model Name – Aries Agribot
Structure Hexacopter structure, more stable and reliable
Flight Modes Fully Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, & Loiter Mode
Return to Launch (RTL) Empty tank, Battery drained, mission complete
Spraying Capacity Up to 8 acres/Hour
Battery fly time Up to 20 minutes with pay load
Spray in 20 minutes 1 hectare (2.5 acres)
Spraying capacity per day(8 Hours) 30 Acres with multiple battery sets
Flying Range of GCS Flies up to 5 Km (LOS) using Ground Control Station
Smart battery fails safe The amount of energy left and return back to home.
Resume Mission Autonomuos resume mission within 50cm accuracy.
Live video streaming on GCS 2MP FPV Camera mounted on drone
Aircraft Maximum Takeoff Weight24.9 KG
Diagonal wheelbase of Frame1200 mm
Folded size (Lx Bx H)762mm* 762mm* 483mm
Maximum Speed78 m/s
Maximum Height10 Meters
Maximum Flight TimeUp to 20 minutes (with payload)
Maximum Hovering TimeUp to 25 minutes (without payload)
Operating Temprature Range0 C to 50 C
Tank Volume 10 L
Max payload carrying capacity 10 KG
Nozzle Type High Pressure Flat Fan Spray (Supported nozzles – Hollowcone & high pressure air injected nozzle) : World’s top nozzle companies
Capacity 22000mAh
Voltage 44.4 V (12S – 2 batteries connected in series)
Connector AS150U / XT 90 (for heavy duty applications)
Charging Time 30 ~ 40 minutes (Fast Charger – 1 KW)
RADAR Based collision avoidance system Detects trees, poles, wires etc in Autonomous mode (22 meter) &re-route the path
RADAR Based terrain following Automatically adjusts drone height in response to the changing height terrain
Drone Spray Knapsack Spray Boom Spray
Spray Time 7min/Acre 2Hours/acre 30min/acre
Precision and Accuracy of Spray High Low Moderate
Water consumption 10L/Acre 120L-150L/Acre 120-150L/Acre
Chemical Wastage Very Low Moderate Low
Human Exposure No Yes Yes
Precision Farming Yes No No
Dependency on Labour Low High Medium
Crop Adaptability Adaptable to all crops Not adaptable for tall or bushy crops Not adaptable to tall crops, bushy crops, clay soil and Paddy

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