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Aries Zincbor plant micronutrient product


  • Zn- plays an important role in auxin synthesis. It is essential for CO2 utilization, protein synthesis and phosphorous metabolism.
  • B- Plays an important role in plant reproduction.
  • S- Is a essential part of enzymes which catalyze fatty acid metabolism.
  • Inorganic micro-nutrient fertilizers – Solid or fluid mixtures of micro-nutrients.
  • ZINCBOR prevents deficiencies in Boron, Zinc and Sulphur. It is ideally formulated for fruit trees sensitive to Boron and Zinc elements.
  • It’s particularly s of formulation makes it usable in sensitive period of application, period which corresponds to a high growth and to important needs.
  • The rigorous selection of the raw materials used in ZINCBOR guarantees to it a 100% solubility and a very fast dissolving in the treatment mixture.
  • Boron content as B = 3.0%
  • Zinc content as Zn =13.0%
  • Sulphur content as S = 6.0%

5 kilo

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