Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Older leaves becoming yellow colour plant cannot with standard to climatic conditions.
Affect: Fruits smaller and mature early.

Product: Macrofert 20:20:20 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

Phosphorous deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf tips look burnt, followed by older leaves turning a dark green or reddish-purple.
Affect: Retarded growth,premature dropping fruits,Less number Of white roots.

Product:Fertimax 12:61:00 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Root development, winter hardness

Calcium deficiency

Symptoms: New leaves are irregularly shape, cracking of fruits.
Affect: Abnormal growth of young leaves and growings tips.

Product: Aquacal-3-4ml/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Cell formation,cell elongation,cell division

Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Interveinal chlorosis.
Affect: Reduction in growth and premature defoliation.

Product: Mag mix - 5-10 gr/lit of water, fertisol - 3 gr/lit of water, Ferromag- 3-5 kg/acre
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Helps in photosynthesis,starch translocation

Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf tips remain green and severe deficiency the whole leaf turns yellow.
Affect: Growth is stunted, Reduced Fruit quality & Sweetness.

Product:Primasulf 3-4ml/lit, fertisol 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Improves special character in crop

Boron deficiency

Symptoms: Chlorotic leaf tips, leaf necrosis, and later leaves falling and even plant death..
Affect: Growth cease at the growing point and poor development of roots, premature shedding of male flowers and impaired pollen tube development leading to poor fruit setting.

Product: Boron 20 1gm/lit, Potabor super-2-3gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Translocation of sugars and help in pollination

Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: Symptoms are usually small irregular drooping spots..
Affect: Reduced leaf and shoot growth, reduction in flowering and fruit setting.

Product:Chelamin plus 1-2 gr/lit of water, Chelamin gold - 500 gr/acre
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Helps in activation of enzymes

Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Leaves become pale yellow, in severe cases leaves turn to complete yellow and die back.
Affect: Leaf chlorosis on rapidly growing water sprouts..

Product: Chelafer 1-2 gr/lit of water, agrofer 1-2 gr/lit of water, ferromag -5-10 kg/acre
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis

Manganese deficiency

Symptoms: Appearance of light green mottle between the main veins A band of darker green left bordering the main veins while the interveinal chlorotic areas become pale green or dull yellowish in colour.
Affect: plant growth may be reduced and stunted.

Product: Agromin soil plus- 10-15 kg/acre
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit: Helps in nitrogen metabolism and involves in photosynthetic activity