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High Density Inputs

HD range of inputs have been formulated keeping in mind “Less is More”. The HD technology works on altering the particle size and densities. The altering of particle sizes positively impacts the nutrient uptake through the stomata leaving no residues on the leaf. The HD range of fertilisers are also environment friendly as they do not interact with the soil components and get fixed into insoluble forms. They are easy to carry and store due to smaller package sizes and are cost – effective as they are efficient at 1/4th or 1/5th quantity of the regular recommended dosages.

The main advantages include

  • High Density

Maximum efficiency even at lower dosages due to dense, smaller sized particles

  • Bioavailability

Easy uptake by the stomata due to smaller particle size. Efficient uptake also ensures no residue left on leaf surface.

  • Visible Effect

Better absorption of nutrients shows faster visible results.