Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Leaves small with general yellowing.
Affect: Fruits smaller and mature early.

Product: Macrofert 20:20:20 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Plantex 20:20:20 5kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

Phosphorous deficiency

Symptoms: Some branches show die back,leaf tip necrosis and premature abscission of leaves.
Affect: Retarded growth,premature dropping of older leaves.

Product:Fertimax 12:61:00 5gm/lit, Fertimax 00:52:34( 5-10gm/lit)
Soil/Drip: Plantex 12:61:00 5kg/acre
Benefit: Root development, winter hardness

Potassium deficiency

Symptoms: Appearance of white,yellow or orange chlorotic spots in older leaves distributed irregularly over both upper and older leaves.
Affect: Reduced growth and vigour,poor growth of fruits.

Product:Fertimax 00:00:50 5gm/lit, Fertimax13:00:45( 5-10gm/lit), Fertisol 3-5gm/lit
Benefit: Resistance to pests and diseases,opening and closing of stomata

Calcium deficiency

Symptoms: Splliting of fruit occurs,severe deficiency leads to death of bud.
Affect: Abnormal growth of young leaves and growings tips.

Product:Aquacal-3-4ml/lit, Calcium nitrate 5-10gm/lit, combical-3-5gm/lit, horticab 2-3ml/lit, crack gourd 2-3ml/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Cell formation,cell elongation,cell division

Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Yellowish brown chlorosis.
Affect: Reduction in growth and premature defoliation.

Product:Magmix 4-5gm/lit, zinc mag 3-5ml/lit, Fertisol 3-5gm/lit
Soil/Drip:Ferromag 5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in photosynthesis,starch translocation

Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf tips remain green and severe deficiency the whole leaf turns yellow.
Affect: Growth is stunted.

Product:Primasulf 3-4ml/lit, fertisol 5gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Improves special character in crop

Copper deficiency

Symptoms: Shoots produce long droopy 'S' shaped branches.
Affect: Shelf life of is decreased.

Product:Phosphocop 2-3ml/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Serves to intensify flavour and colour in vegetables and colour in flowers.

Boron deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf becomes uneven shape.
Affect: Fruit cracking flower drop.

Product: Boron 20 1gm/lit, Potabor super-2-3gm/lit
Soil/Drip: -
Benefit:Translocation of sugars and help in pollination

Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: Symptoms are usually small irregular drooping spots.
Affect: Leaves are usually smaller,thickend leaf blade brittle and show a rosette apperance.

Product:Chelamin plus1-2gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Chelamin gold 0.5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in activation of enzymes

Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Leaves become pale yellow, in severe cases leaves turn to complete yellow and die back.
Affect: Interveinal chlorosis.

Product:Chelafer1-2gm/lit, Agrofer-1-2gm/lit
Soil/Drip: Ferromag 5kg/acre, Ferromix-5kg/acre
Benefit:Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis