Product features

  • Golden yellow coloured liquid
  • Combination of zinc, magnesium and nitrogen
  • Increases flower and fruit production
  • Helps in phosphate translocation and regulation of Carbohydrate metabolism
Contents (w/v):

  • Zn as Zinc=7.0%
  • Magnesium as MgO =10.0%
  • N as Nitrate nitrogen = 5.5%
Pack Size: 250 ml/1 ltr


Zincmag helps plants with rapid growth, increases flower & fruit production and improves keeping quality of produce.
Zincmag improve photosynthesis and activates growth hormones, enzyme systems.Zinc mag liquid can be applied through foliar spray, drip irrigation and soil application.
Zincmag helps in phosphate translocation and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism.

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