Product features

  • It is an organic complex of biologically derived material and has an organic certification.
  • Contain Hydrolysed proteins, crab shell extract and seaweed extract.
  • Seaweed extract contains abundance of trace minerals as well as plant growth hormones that can quickly stimulate plant growth through division, enlargement and elongation of cells.
Contents (w/v):

  • Solid content including Organic Matter = 55-58 %
    (of which organic matter is *) - 25-30 %*
  • Peptides = 17 - 18 %
Pack Size: 250ml/ 500ml/ 1ltr


Plays an important role in plant growth at the time of erratic climatic conditions.
Enhance proper flowering, root growth.
Support the plant by managing temperature and water stress.
Maintain water availability.
Also help alleviate stress of transplanting and facilitates quick and uniform adaptation in field conditions

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