Product features

Calcium Fortified With Essential Mineral Feed Supplement


  • Water soluble Calcium as CaO = 18%
  • Water soluble magnesium as MgO = 1.3%
  • Nitrogen content = 10.50%
  • Boron as B = 2400ppm
  • Molybdenum as Mo = 12ppm
  • Iron as Fe = 250ppm
  • Zinc as Zn = 250ppm
  • Manganese as Mn = 400ppm
  • Copper as Cu = 100ppm
Pack Size: 1 ltr


It makes the pond water rich with essential minerals in ionic form.
Enhances the Bio Mineralization.
Prevents problems like loose shell, soft shell, body cramps etc of shrimp/prawn.
Increase survival rate.
Helps to attain better muscle strength, shell formation, better growth, body weight etc.,

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