Product features

  • BOROMAG prevents the deficiencies in B, Mg and S.
  • BOROMAG is particularly adapted to sensitive crops for a preventive and curative action.
  • BOROMAG is the efficient nutritional response in all situations where we look for a high potential of yield and grade.
  • The rigorous selection of the raw materials used in BOROMAG guarantees to it a 100% solubility and a very fast dissolving in the treatment mixture.
  • It is a water-soluble granule.
  • That can be applied as a band or broadcast or applied through fertigation system or foliar spray.
  • B - plays important role in plant reproduction.
  • Mg – is necessary for important physiological processes in plants.
  • S - is an essential part of enzymes which catalyze fatty acids metabolism.

  • Magnesium as Mg = 9.0%
  • Boron as B = 1.0%
  • Sulphur as S = 11.5%
Pack Size: 5 kilo


It prevents and cures the deficiencies of boron, calcium and nitrogen.
By Photosynthesis, gives plants energy and proper growth.
Plant withstand against low temperature and drought.
Improve fruit set and Seed set.

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