Product features

  • Complex fertilizer containing Iron, Magnesium and Sulphur
  • Highly soluble in water
  • Iron helps in symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Magnesium serves as an activator of enzymes required for growth processes
  • Sulphur is a constituent of three amino acids necessary for protein synthesis

  • Magnesium as Mg = 4.5%
  • Iron as Fe = 12.5%,
  • Sulphur as S = 12%
Pack Size: 100 gm/ 250 gm/ 500 gm/ 1 kg/ 5 kg


Iron serves as an activator for biochemical processes, such as respiration photosynthesis.
Magnesium serves as an activator of many plant enzymes required in growth processes.
Sulphur is essential for nodule formation on legume roots.

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