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Aries Agro Limited Emerald Jubilee Celebration: Product Showcased

Aries Agro Limited, carving a distinctive stance in the “Agribusiness Space” with its unique range of quality products.  Incorporated in 1969, Aries Agro Limited has today become a preeminent name in manufacturing the most comprehensive range of products in the primary, secondary and micro-nutrient fertilizer sector, ranging from individual elements to mixed specialty plant nutrient fertilisers.

The Emerald Jubilee celebration commenced with a dynamic showcase of Aries’ innovative products and technologies. Aries’ Stalls stood as a testament to our extensive product range and legacy drawing visitors into the rich history and impressive growth of our company.

HD Wall: Our exclusive HD range in NPK products, emphasizing quality and innovation.

Chelamin Launch: Marking a significant milestone, the Chelamin Launch celebrated the attainment of the ISI mark, underscoring our dedication to product excellence.

Majorsol: This diversified, crop-specific range highlighted our precision in meeting varied agricultural needs.

Agromin: Showcased as a flagship product, Agromin’s multi-micronutrient formulation underscored its effectiveness and reliability.

Equipment Showcase: Cutting-edge agrotech, including agridrones, spray dryers, mini tractors, and weather forecasting devices, demonstrated our integration of technology in agriculture.

Aquaculture Range: Highlighted our comprehensive plant nourishment solutions, extending even to aquatic environments.

Aries  introduced several cutting-edge farming concepts to Indian agriculturists, such as the marvel of chelation technology, bio-degradable complexes of plant nutrients, water soluble NPK fertilisers, value-added secondary nutrients, natural and biological products and formulations for water treatment.