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Aries Chelamin receives All India First BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards felicitation ceremony for Aries Agro to recognize our All India First ISI Mark for our flagship brand, Aries Chelamin, Chelated Zinc. We proudly received our BIS licence in the presence of 200 staff, dealers, farmers in Hyderabad and 1000 stakeholders present online on our YouTube channel

  • Aries Chelamin, India’s leading Chelated Zinc brand since its launch in 1976, is the first and only brand in this category to receive the prestigious ISI Mark
  • Aries Chelamin, is proudly MADE IN INDIA, ever since it pioneered Chelation technology in the country
  • Receiving the BIS Mark is a testament to the world class quality standards adhered to by Aries in providing the World’s Best quality to Indian farmers

Aries Chelamin, is one of Aries’ flagship brands. Providing Zinc in the organo-metallic Chelated form for the first time in India in 1976, Aries tirelessly built Chelamin as a brand of choice for millions of farmers. The wonder of Chelation technology is that it is the most effective delivery system for metal nutrients to plants. It converts the nutrient ions into an inert form, thereby eliminating all harmful reactions, reducing leaching and fixation and thereby bringing dosage down to almost one-twentieth of the traditional dosage for the same nutrient. Aries Chelamin thus provides a safe, sustainable and agronomically efficient mode of supplementing zinc using foliar sprays, soil application, microirrigation, precision farming and drone delivery systems.

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