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Energizing Tomorrow: Aries Agro Lights the Path with Clean Energy and Women Power, Inspiring Change Since 1969!

Embark on a transformative journey with Aries Agro Limited in the year 2024 as we proudly unveil a shining beacon of sustainability and empowerment. Under the tagline “Energizing Earth since 1969,” our global headquarters takes a bold stride, illuminating 100% of our Mumbai factory and head office with a state-of-the-art 160KW solar panel facility. This revolutionary step not only slashes 150 tons of carbon emissions but also signifies the equivalent of planting 450 trees, echoing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

At Aries Agro, sustainability is not just a commitment—it’s a legacy. As we power our operations with clean energy, we also celebrate our diverse and empowered workforce, boasting the highest number of women/ladies staff across our offices and factories. In a symbolic nod to this diversity, the opening ceremony of our solar initiative is led exclusively by women, reinforcing our belief in their transformative role in shaping a greener, cleaner future. Join us in championing a dual cause—clean energy and women empowerment—as we continue to inspire change, energizing the Earth since 1969.