Product features

Herbal milk booster for dairy cattle


  • Calcium as Ca = 25%
  • Phosphorus as P = 13%
  • Iron as Fe = 1.2%
  • Copper as Cu = 0.14%
  • Manganese as Mn = 0.2%
  • Herbal actives = 0.24%
Pack Size: 500gm


BOON-O-MILK contains no thyroprotein or other hormones.
BOON-O-MILK contains acetates and butyrates which increase the butterfat content of milk.
BOON-O-MILK contains Calcium, Phosphorus and booster doses of Vitamin D, all of which act as effective deterrents to milk fever.
BOON-O-MILK is a tried and tested research based product that is accepted by dairymen all over India

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