Product features

  • Borocan prevents deficiencies in Boron, Nitrogen and Calcium.
  • Borocan can be applied as a band or broadcasted or applied through fertigation system or as a foliar spray.
  • Also used as a post-harvest application on fruit crops to achieve better flower quality, fruit set and early fruitlet development.

  • Total nitrogen (Ammoniacal and nitrate N) =14.5%
  • Nitrate-Nitrogen = 13.5%
  • Water soluble Calcium = 17%
  • Boron as B = 0.2 - 0.3%
Pack Size: 1 kg/ 5 kg


It prevents and cures deficiencies of boron, calcium and nitrogen.
Improves fruit set and seed set.
Early fruitlet development and early yield.
Water uptake by plants.
Better flower quality.

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