Dhanush (Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP)

Product features

  • Dhanush is broad spectrum fungicide.
  • Best combination of contact and systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action.
  • It contains plant nutrients Zn & Mn, which improves vigour of crop.
  • Controls many fungal diseases in wide range of field crops like fruits and vegetables, oil seeds, paddy etc.

  • Carbendazim Technical (98% pure w/w a.i.) = 12.250% w/w
  • Mancozeb Technical (85% pure w/w a.i.) = 74.120% w/w
  • Sodium Salt of alkyl napthyl sulphonate = 2.000% w/w
  • Kaolin (Inert filler) = 9.630% w/w
  • Total = 100.00% w/w
Pack Size: 100gm/ 250gm/ 500gm/ 1kg


Dhanush can be used as seed treatment, nursery/soil drenching, fruit/rhizome/tuber dip and foliar sprays.
Uniformly spread over leaf surface and persist long time.
Keeps plant greener, healthy & increase yield.
Useful against different kinds of diseases on large number of crops.
Used as low dose so it is safe to environment.
Compatible with normally used pesticides.