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High Density Inputs

Aries Fertimax-HD-00-00-50

Fertimax HD 00:00:50

  • Helps in the maturity of the crops
  • Improves quality parameters like color, weight, size & shelf life of grain fruits and vegetables
  • Contributes to overall development & improves the
    resistance of the crops
  • Moisture percent by weight, maximum:01.5
  • Water soluble potassium (as K O) percent 2 by weight, minimum:50.0

  • Sulphate Sulphur (as S) percent by weight, minimum:17.5

  • Sodium as NaCl percent by weight, maximum:02.0

  • Total Chloride (as Cl) percent by weight, maximum :02.5

Foliar spray @ 200gm per acre

200 gm X 2 (suggested dosage is 200 gm per acre)

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