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High Density Inputs

Aries Ferti Max HD Products

Fertimax HD 11:52:00

  • Highly efficient at lower dosages
  • Easily absorbed by the plant through stomata
  • Provides nutrient to the crops in readily available form
  • Have good effects on plant growth & reflects in greater yield
  • Moisture percent by weight, maximum: 01.0
  • Total nitrogen all in ammoniacal form percent by weight, minimum:11.0
  • Available phosphorus as (P O ) percent by 2 5 weight, minimum:52.0
  • Water soluble phosphorus (as P O ) percent 2 5 by weight, minimum:44.5
  • Particle size-Minimum 90 percent of the material shall be retained between 1 mm and 4 mm IS sieve

Foliar spray @ 200gm per acre

200 gm X 2 (suggested dosage is 200 gm per acre)

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