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Majorsol Chili & Spices Special


100% water-soluble mixture of fertilizers

  • Majorsol Chili & Spices Special is a multi-nutrient blended formulation specially designed for Chili and spice crops.
  • This unique formulation is known to improve chlorophyll formation & helps in the better photosynthesis process.
  • It also helps in flower and fruit setting. It enhances the quality of fruits & increases shelf life.
  • Its balance nutrition formula increases pest & disease resistance power in crops.
  • 100% water soluble formulation
  • Can be applied as foliar spray

Category  :- (100 % water soluble mixture of fertilizers)

Specifications :-

Water soluble Phosphorus as P2O5 content % by wt. min.               

Water soluble Potassium as K2O content % by wt. min.  


Calcium as Ca content % by wt. min.         

Magnesium as Mg content % by wt. min. 

Zinc as Zn content % by wt. min.   

Boron as B content % by wt. min.

Sulphur as S content % by wt. min.  

Other Contents percent by wt. max. :- Total Chloride = 1.5 ;
Matter insoluble in water =0.5;
Sodium as NaCl = 0.5 ;
Lead as Pb = 0.003 ;
Cadmium as Cd = 0.0025;
Arsenic as As = 0.01

  • Soil application at 3-5kg per acre during reproductive stages of the crop.
  • Foliar application at 2-3gms per liter of water during reproductive stages of the crop

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