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Aries Majorsol Wheat special nutrient product

Majorsol Maize


Specifically designed for higher yields of Maize crop considering its micronutrient requirements

Majorsol maize is specifically designed for the maize crop considering its huge nutritional need. It is an ecofriendly blend, free of sodium and chlorides. It supplies both macro & micro nutrients in proper proportion for better growth and quality grain production. Majorsol maize suffices need of nutrients at critical growth stages of maize crop.

  • Copper as Cu : 1.0%
  • Boron as B : 1.0%
  • Iron as Fe : 2.5%
  • Potassium as K2O : 18.0%
  • Phosphorus as P2O5: 14.0%
  • Manganese as Mn : 2.0%
  • Zinc as Zn : 2.5%
  • Sulphur as S : 5.0%

5 kg/ 10 kg

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