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Marino Liquid


Soluble seaweed extract derived from vegetable seaweeds

  • MARINO is a biotechnological innovation. It is an organic store house of naturally occurring nutrients derived from vegetable seaweeds ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM of Norway Origin with special hydrolysis.
  • It is seaweed extract manure. It is NATURAL PLANT FOOD. It is non-toxic & eco-friendly. It provides nutritional support in all stages of plant growth. It breaks complex molecules into simpler molecule so that molecule is easily utilized by the plants (As many nutrients and growth promoters may be already present in soil and plants but plant is not able to utilize it fully). It helps in faster development of root mass and cell growth resulting into better chlorophyll content. It improves soil microbe activity.
  • Organic matter = 18-20%
  • Nitrogen as N = traces
  • Potassium as K = 6-7%
  • Sulphur as S = 0.8%
  • Calcium as Ca= 0.6%
  • Magnesium as Mg = 0.08%
  • Fe = 15 ppm
  • Mn = 2 ppm
  • Zn = 4 ppm
  • Cu = 1 ppm
  • B = 10 ppm
  • Na = 5000 ppm

100 ml/ 250 ml/ 1lit/ 2.5 lit/ 5 lit

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