Product features

Enriched organic manure


  • Contains useful and helpful micro-organisms and enriches the plants with micro, primary and secondary nutrients and minerals.
  • It is free from weed seeds.
  • It increases biological activity in soil.
  • Moisture = max. 25%
  • Total of nitrogen as N, phosphate as P2O5, Potash as K2O = min. 1.2%
  • Total organic carbon = min. 12%
Pack Size: 25 kgs


Increased availability of plant nutrients from soil
Improvement in soil aeration and water holding capacity
Establishment of strong and dense root system
Production of lush green large leaves, bigger & better flowers, fruits, vegtables and crops with good colour, durability and quality.
It brings life to the degraded least productive lands/soil and makes them fertile and crop yields can be improved 15-25%

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