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OrgaPotash is a granular straight potassium fertilizer and rich in organic potash content. It is derived from molasses. It suffices need of the potash of crops in an effective & economical manner. OrgaPotash plays an important role in both vegetative growth phase as well as in the productive phase of crops to produce good quality yield.

OrgaPotash is a natural product produced through a comprehensive process and has precise composition.

  1. Naturally available potash in OrgaPotash helps for better crop growth and improvement of soil fertility.
  2. It improves physical, biological and chemical properties of soil which ultimately helps to increase overall productivity of soil.
  3. OrgaPotash is suitable for all types of soils & crops and has long shelf life.
  4. It is complete eco-friendly product, helps to improve microbial activities in soil & safer to use.
  1. OrgaPotash encourages plants to adjust to dynamic weather conditions, strengthen stalks and absorb more nutrients through well-developed root system.
  2. It is helpful in controlling fruits and flowers drop, increases crop maturity, grain & fruit size and weight.
  3. OrgaPotash helps to improve soil aeration, prevents leaching losses and also improves water-holding capacity of the soil for longer period.
  4. It increases the quantity & quality of the produce and keeps soil healthy.
  5. OrgaPotash helps to increase plant growth and resistance power against various diseases & pests.

OrgaPotash can be used in all cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, oilseeds, fibre crops, sugar crops, forage crops, plantation crops, condiments & spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals. This can be applied @ 50 – 60 kg per acre the time of land preparation or sowing, development & maturity phases of crops and as per the demand of the crops.

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