Product features

  • Paraakram is a synthetic cytokinin– like plant growth regulator cytokinin, which improves fruit size, fruit set, cluster weight and cold storage in grapes
  • It acts synergistically with natural auxins to promote plant cell division and lateral growth.
  • It is highly potent and application rates are extremely low

  • Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) a.i. = 0.100% w/v
    • Emulsifier (Ethoxylated Castor oil) = 5.000% w/v
    • Solvent (Ethyl alcohol) = 94.900% w/v
    • Total =100.000% w/v
Pack Size: 1 ltr


Parakram improves grape berry colour & storage quality.
When combined with GA, Parakram acts synergistically to increase grape berry size.
Grape bunch compactness could be increased with the Parakram application.
Effect of the Parakram is related to stage of berry development at the time of treatment.
Pre-bloom applications primarily increase berry set while post bloom applications affect berry size, colour, maturity & storage quality.