Chelamin plus

Aries Chelamin Plus plant micronutrient product

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Aries Zincmag Plant nutrient product

Golden yellow coloured liquid


Aries Boron 20 plant nutrient product

Di-sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate with soluble boron


Aries Ferromag nutrient product

Complex fertilizer containing Iron, Magnesium and Sulphur


Aries Boromag 5k plant micronutrient product

BOROMAG prevents the deficiencies in B, Mg and S.


Aries Zincbor plant micronutrient product

Zn- plays an important role in auxin synthesis. It is essential for CO2 utilization, protein synthesis and phosphorous metabolism.


Aries FerroMix plant micronutrient product

Ferromix is a single nutrient Fertiliser.