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Plant nutrient for the best tea produce.

  • Teamin is a blend of essential nutrients to supply balanced levels of minerals to Tea plantations.
  • Teamin increases yield by supplying nutrients to overcome deficiencies at critical growth stages.

  • Teamin plus Powder (w/w): K2O (18%), Zn (10%), Mn (2%), B (1%), Mg (2%), S (15%)
  • Teamin plus Liquid (w/v): K2O (9%), Zn as Zn EDTA (5%), Manganese as Mn EDTA (1%), Boron as B (0.5%).
Pack Size: 1Kg/ 5Kg or 1 ltr/ 5 ltr


Teamin is free of sodium and chlorides.
Plants grow faster and stronger.
Teamin Plus also works as a disease and pest resistant.
Completely soluble in water.

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