Aries Bhusatva

Urban Products Aries Bhusatva  4/5 Product features Aries Bhusatva is a natural seaweed extract in liquid form It is an organic store house of naturally occurring nutrients derived from vegetable seaweeds Ascophyllum Nodosum of Norway Origin with special hydrolysis It is non-toxic & eco-friendly It provides nutritional support at all stages of the plant […]

Aries Kawachh

Aries Garden care Kawachh plant protection product

Urban Products Aries Kawachh  4/5 Product features Aries Kawachh is a naturally extracted oil derived from Neem plant It has 1% i.e. 10000 ppm Azadirachtin content  It is biodegradable & best pest repellent It is used to control insects at all stages of development Pests/insects don’t become resistant to Neem Oil Dosage 2ml per […]

Aries Sarvottam

Aries Garden care Sarvottam product

Urban Products Aries Sarvottam  4/5 Product features Aries Sarvottam is a best combination of essential micro nutrients & NPK fertilizers in a  balanced ratio which makes the product very unique This unique combination of elements supports the plant to increase number of leaves, flowering & gives strength to the plant for overall growth This […]